World Wide Wiggy

World Wide Wiggy

Enjoy the moments before they become memories.

The Musings Of Wiggy.

Kelly & Wiggy is who we are,
Travelling on bikes we want to go afar,
Maloo & Queenie are the greatest steeds,
They will power us along while we carry their deeds,
Around the world our plan is to do,
But trials & tribulations will definitely ensue,
We hope to meet, greet & see fantastic locations,
While also showing it can be done with difficult limitations,
Twenty years of type one diabetes Kelly has struggled,
Wiggy has only to deal with a broken back twice & amount of drugs juggled,
Two years out our plan is to keep travelling,
Homeless & vunerable relying on others to prevent it unraveling,
Will it go well or end in disaster,
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Hello To You, Mount Abu

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Building Work Everywhere But Nowhere To Stay

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One10, 1Ten, OneTen, 110

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India’s Roads Aren’t Too Bad Are They?

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