World Wide Wiggy

World Wide Wiggy

Enjoy the moments before they become memories.

The Musings Of Wiggy.

Kelly & Wiggy is who we are,
Travelling on bikes we want to go afar,
Maloo & Queenie are the greatest steeds,
They will power us along while we carry their deeds,
Around the world our plan is to do,
But trials & tribulations will definitely ensue,
We hope to meet, greet & see fantastic locations,
While also showing it can be done with difficult limitations,
Twenty years of type one diabetes Kelly has struggled,
Wiggy has only to deal with a broken back twice & amount of drugs juggled,
Two years out our plan is to keep travelling,
Homeless & vunerable relying on others to prevent it unraveling,
Will it go well or end in disaster,
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For the first time in a long time I feel lost. 

I wonder whether I’m doing what I want and should do, considering what I’m able to do.

Things don’t seem to be going right and I feel I need to change my path.

Hi everyone and thank you for visiting.

I’m Wiggy, after spending all my youth playing sports I ended up with a severe back problems through injury that effectively made me crippled by the age of 22.

I had always loved motorcycles and had my licence but was unable to ride due to my physical health.

For the next 15+ years I was at a low point in my life. My weight had ballooned to over 21 stone (135kg/300lbs) and my towering height had gone down from 199cm to barely 190cm due to difficulty standing straight.

Everyday was the same and a constant struggle. The only bright sparks were my dogs who forced me to stay as mobile as possible, my mother who I was her interpreter (sign language) and my athletics where I had returned as a coach to help the next generation with my knowledge and experience into how to grow as an athlete and protect their bodies from what had destroyed mine years before.

Then it all changed, firstly my mother passed away under unusual circumstances while in the care of a hospital and the stress from that meant I was unable to give my athletes the time they deserved.

Then a small ray of hope, a surgeon said he believed he could give me a small amount of my life back, over the next few months I worked hard to get off my pain meds, drop 25% of my weight and the surgery on my spine and hip was a massive success. For a few months I had my life back and the idea of travel came into my mind for the first time in a long time.

Then 2020 came…

Oh what a year. It started with my back breaking thanks to my dog (a different story for another time), 3 months later I could finally walk again and March 2020 came (no need to explain that date). Then just as the first lockdown started easing I had a brand new motorcycle delivered which turned out to be an absolute lemon (definitely a story in itself that will be told another time). Then after all that my beloved dog passed away suddenly. That was when I decided I had to get away, but how, when and where? 

So 2021/2022/2023 it all came good, I found a beautiful bike that I loved every moment riding. My Queenie.

I knew she was the 1 to go around the world on. Then at a festival the most unexpected thing happened, I met Kelly, a intelligent, funny, charismatic absolutely stunning biker who had hopes of riding around the world, within an hour of chatting I knew she was the 1.

Roll on a couple of years and after finally getting everything in place we’ve took the leap and set off on our trip. Everything is either sold or put in storage. Goodbye average everyday, hello amazing daily experiences.