Bye Bye Bad Battery
Bye Bye Bad Battery

Bye Bye Bad Battery

I slept terribly due to pillows that felt like concrete slabs,
Nice coffee downstairs but expensive for what we got on the tabs,
A quick journey today as we headed into Jodhpur,
Some crazy drivers out today with the attitude of sod ya,
Several emergency stops required to stay on two wheels,
The usual cows everywhere & one bull went to ram Kelly’s bike in the feels,
Airbnb directions were wrong but a quick call & we found the place,
Quickly headed out to find a battery for Queenie to replace,
Lucked out as the first shop had exactly the right unit in stock,
But fitting it must have given all the people helping a nasty shock,
A few hours passed before the work was all done,
Some accessories not working but that’s just part of the fun.

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