Merzouga La Liberate
Merzouga La Liberate

Merzouga La Liberate

Feeling like a touch of paradise at the edge of the world, La Liberate (Camel Trekking Desert Camp) sits on the sand dunes with the giant golden mountains filling the horizon for 270 degrees around the kasbah type structure which houses the site.
Upon arrival we were warmly greeted by father & son (Mohammed (f) Mhammed (s)). In the time it takes for water to boil we were seated in the reception/restaurant drinking Berber whiskey (mint tea), discussing what our plans are & what activities are available for us to enjoy.
After explaining the full costs, giving honest impartial opinions we decided on a few days stay plus 2 separate activities to try, sunset camel ride plus a day out across the dunes seeing sights in a 4×4.
Unlike so many people in the area, our host gave no hint of pressuring or attempt to make things sound too good to be true. On our way to the site we had people actually jump out in front of the bikes offering the world for a few Dirhams.
We had the option of our tent or their rooms, with or without breakfast and dinner. We picked 3 nights camping (we added an extra night after) with breakfast included plus 1 fantastic evening 3 course meal all this with the above activities for what we felt was a very reasonable sum of money.
Our first night quickly introduced us to how quiet the desert is, absolute silence is something some people struggle with, being right on the edge of town out of season with nothing but sand behind gave us plenty of time to be alone with our thoughts.
Breakfast was served at a time requested by us, this was simple, tasty & filling. Coffee & Berber Whiskey we’re bottomless.
Both our activities were done on whatever day suited us best which was a blessing as we were able to take the evening camel ride on a clear evening & the desert tour on an overcast morning meaning we had the best of both. These were both very enjoyable for different reasons & well worth the price given.
After our initial time was up we chose to stay an extra night so we could relax & just explore the town a little more without an agenda, this was absolutely no problem for our hosts who were more than happy to host an extra night/morning for us.
Our evening meal was also a lovely affair, three courses arriving promptly & tasting lovely throughout made the stay just that little bit more special.
Upon our departure we felt like we were saying goodbye to old friends while openly hoping that we could return in the not so distant future.
In a town built on tourism, at the end of the season, when many are trying to squeeze every penny until next year. This family affair manages to make us feel like part of their own family with nothing too much trouble, they even insisted that Kelly places her diabetes medication in their own fridge to keep it in the correct temperature range.
A beautiful site, in a beautiful location, run by beautiful people with a beautiful outlook on life. We couldn’t wish for more.
Thank you Mohammed & Mhammed

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