No Loo To Poo…
No Loo To Poo…

No Loo To Poo…

I was warm all night until Kelly started to stir,
Up for a quick pee but by then my feet were cold burr,
We quickly realised the camp has no facilities for a number two,
Luckily I held it till we left for a café for breakfast & a little poo,
The plan was to head around many Dolomite passes in the hills,
But we quickly realised that wasn’t gonna be possible without risk of spills,
The snow was all around & in the shade the roads were sketchy,
Whenever we parked up for photos the ground was particularly squelchy,
So we headed off for some cheap food before going back to our spot,
Everything was wet but with plenty of petrol a fire was eventually made hot,
Making some hot chocolate we sat next to our impressive fire,
Unfortunately exhaustion was taking me so off to sleep we went but much drier.

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