Haters Gonna Hate
Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate

Finally I’ve finally made it to the big league. I’m obviously internet famous now.
Today my tiny website with my thoughts & poems from my travelling with my beautiful partner Kelly got its first piece of hate mail.
How proud I am, my little insignificant personal site has pushed some basement dweller to the brink of apoplectic breakdown from reading my terrible poems, thoughts & concerns from travelling the world & reviews of some of the best (or worst) places we’ve encountered on our multi year motorcycle trip.
I’ve pushed them so far with my words that they’ve had no other option but to comment with abuse & I couldn’t be more proud. It’s like having a puppy that finally cocks their leg for the first time, or when the cat decides to use the litter box instead of your new trainers.
My writings of observations & reality of actually travelling long term on the road most days has pushed someone to the edge because what I write is not all sunshine & rainbows…
I’ve got news for you all, it’s not.
Yes there are many amazing moments, amazing people, amazing sights & amazing foods out there waiting to be experienced, met, seen & eaten.
But there are also thousands of miles of boringness, days spent sitting around waiting on a delivery of a part or recovering from food poisoning.
Hours of hunting for places to stay, making sure you know where the next fuel stop is or ensuring the light of your world is safe from her life threatening condition while keeping both bikes in good working order.
Not to mention paperwork or corruption, bribes, or another of a million other little things.
If you want to read about how absolutely everything everyday is perfect, then my website is definitely not the place for you.
I write the truth about what happens each day on the road, whether that be good, bad or rain, I also do it in the medium of poetry as it forces me to condense it all to just a few lines each day instead of long winded posts just like this.
No matter how much people hate ‘MY’ writing on ‘MY’ website that ‘I’ pay for, it won’t make it stop.
I will keep going and by the end of it I can look back at all the terrible poems & know that it was worth it to upset a neckbeard so much they needed to tell me how awful my content is.
Thank you for reading my poems & supporting my page

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