Near Death
Near Death

Near Death

I awoke early & with a start,
A nightmare caused a throbbing heart,
Coffee & cold pizza to relax the nerves,
Before packing the bikes & heading out to the curves,
Setting out up the hill, leaving with our host waving in my mirror,
Soon after leaving though, Kelly said her wheel was trying to kill her,
After a near miss she insisted I inspect it so we pulled over to find it extremely low on pressure,
Soon enough we were riding again with it properly inflated but Kelly was still in a temper,
Mile after mile skipped by through the Serbian countryside,
With my ears & head burning from my comms with her shouting she could’ve died,
The border gave some relief as concentration was directed elsewhere,
Leaving Serbia was easy but the border post opposite was seen nowhere,
For miles we rode through a valley reminding us of the Spanish Pico’s,
Eventually the checkpoint came into view with queues in many rows,
Quickly the guard completed the paperwork & before too long we were free,
Our first experience in Montenegro was the many friendly dogs wanting food trying to plea,
As we left the border I was a few biscuits lighter but made new friends,
Not long after came the arrival at our room high up right in the roofends,
Within minutes Kelly has smacked her head twice against the ceiling,
As we lay down for sleep I luckily hadn’t but still time left I get the feeling.

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