Visa Success & Goodbye AT Club
Visa Success & Goodbye AT Club

Visa Success & Goodbye AT Club

Out in the morning to check the bodge repair on Kelly’s bike,
All seems good for the fix so let’s hope it holds when in flight,
Most of our clothes needing cleaning so a wash day today,
Then good news, we received emails that our Indian visas were granted hooray,
Out the house early evening so Kelly can collect a new action camera,
Her old one broke but she wanted to record the road let’s hope the battery has enough stamina,
Wednesday night again so we went to the club to see our friends one last time,
It’s sad to say goodbye to these lovely people, they know we need to continue so it’s fine,
Spent the night chatting & Kelly spent it drinking Jack,
A very late night riding home with a drunk pillion on the back.

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