Fueling Issue Through Italy
Fueling Issue Through Italy

Fueling Issue Through Italy

Gentle rocking of the boat as it approaches port,
Waiting to disembark is a talent that should be taught,
Cleared to leave we packed & headed out into Venice,
Barely off the ramp & Kelly was already in trouble what a menace,
She wants to record each start of the day’s ride,
But with police & customs you will get on their bad side,
Thankfully after turning the cameras off we were waved through,
No real checks apart from 1 official asking where we plan to go to,
So onto the roads we headed out with the traffic flow,
No sooner had we got into the ride we had to stop again,
The fueling issue with Queenie came back right on a chicane,
Then she’d run again for fifteen minutes before recurring,
Then as sudden as it began it ended & really got us wondering,
There is nothing more annoying on a vehicle than a intermittent fault,
But as shes working again perfectly we continued to our night halt,
A small room with a bed & little else is all we have tonight,
Costs are high here so until we reach India we do little to excite.

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