My First Indian Train Ride
My First Indian Train Ride

My First Indian Train Ride

Had to be up early for our meeting with the government official,
Grabbed a quick coffee before a taxi to the place for a bit of clerical,
Walking around the compound looking for the right part,
Speaking with staff explaining our problem was a good place to start,
Lots of waiting while our paperwork was passed around,
Spoke to the head of the department with queue of people surround,
Exhaustion setting in as we waited in the heat,
Trying not to fall asleep in the waiting room seat,
Several phone calls some productive & some with helpful advice,
Took a ride on a scooter to an office & made another call on my device,
After several minutes we finally had the answer & thanked them for their time,
We decided to take a train back to our area buying tickets to avoid a fine,
Five Rupees each to travel across the city was fantastic value for money,
So we return to our room to relax not before grabbing a bite to eat, yummy.

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