Disappointing Delay
Disappointing Delay

Disappointing Delay

ANOTHER delay to collecting our bikes it’s becoming a farce,
This was due to a couple of reasons but patience is low in my hourglass,
Now we have to wait another weekend which isn’t our fault,
But they will be sure to charge us for the mistake as an extra insult,
We headed out dejected for a short walk to a 7 Eleven,
Passing the usual people on the streets then a begger with a lot of aggression,
Poked Kelly before grabbing my arm demanding money,
We pulled away from him & his problems leaving in a hurry,
In the shop Kelly bought some biscuits for the children with the gent,
We know they want money but we’d rather not without knowing how it’ll be spent,
Back to the familiar evening that has been happening for weeks,
Early dinner then the hotel for writing, audiobook, shower & sleeps.

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