Fresh Rubbers Please 😉
Fresh Rubbers Please 😉

Fresh Rubbers Please 😉

Early morning ride to have some new rubber fitted,
At ToroTrail house chatting with other guests traveling from everywhere they’re committed,
Swedish, Americans & visitors from down under,
Locations, places to stay on our trip with views to wonder,
Get some food & money before back to camp for a shower,
Then discovered my solar panel stopped generating power,
Things breaking on the trip is only to be expected,
But not while still in Europe two expensive items that were respected,
Up to the bar for a quiet drink & relax for the night,
Then suddenly a cake and candle appears, oh no what a fright,
Tomorrow is my birthday life begins & I turn forty without a care,
We’re few weeks behind but the other guests made it special, although they think I’m a millionaire.

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