The Day After The Day Before
The Day After The Day Before

The Day After The Day Before

The day after your birthday is always a strange one,
Yesterday people do things and offer help yet today I still feel like I’ve done a marathon,
A very busy day with lots of activities,
Followed by today recovering from the festivities,
Charging appliances & trying to fix the solar panel,
Only to discover I need to solder after I dismantle,
We go sunbathing by the pool & Kelly has a swim,
I put on cream to prevent a burn or that would be grim,
Most shops are closed so we’re limited on food options,
Finished off the burgers we had while trying to prevent adoptions,
Everytime we cook all the cats descend from around our location,
Always begging for food but we don’t have much due to lack of refrigeration,
So the cats go without while we also still want more,
Into the evening I write this poem while dreaming of being offshore,
Tomorrow is a new week & hopefully the package will be posted,
We want to be in Africa & find another great place to be hosted.

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