Day One Visiting Morocco
Day One Visiting Morocco

Day One Visiting Morocco

Our first full day traveling on the continent of Africa,
Every village has a place for people to pray towards Mecca,
Five times a day the call goes out to be spiritual & of one voice,
The streets are full of food outlets giving so much choice,
Near the border streets were immaculate with well watered grass everywhere,
Now streets are filled with people going about their daily business in-between the prayer,
The road to Chefchaouen was large dual carriageways almost all the way,
But still under construction parts were, so gravel was a nice change to our riding day,
The blue city sits in the mountains with little else around,
A sapphire gem poking out of the hillside filled with life & sound,
The narrow alleys filled with small shops & bustling crowds,
With street dogs sleeping, cats absolutely all over but zero clouds,
Blue skies blend into the buildings from our balcony up high,
Smells of charcoal fires fill the air while clothes hang from windows to dry,
Evenings in the city centre are full of life & amazing sights,
Although entrepreneurs are many so prepare to pay for the city delights.

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