Stoner Cat Needs Munchies
Stoner Cat Needs Munchies

Stoner Cat Needs Munchies

We woke in a comfy bed in the apartment we have rented for a few days,
Coffee & biscuits on the terrace overlooking the town is lovely in so many ways,
I spent the morning updating my website with all my latest writing,
Kelly transferred videos but this took a while so lunch with our host was inviting,
Three in the afternoon we were finally ready to leave & explore,
To get lost in all the back streets looking in shops building a rapport,
Speaking with locals whenever invited, making new friends,
Before sitting outside the Kasbah for food at a place our host recommends,
Relax for a few hours back at the base before a haircut & evening walk,
Cool air & quieter streets improve the experience giving more time to talk,
Even more cats around at night waiting for their dinner from the restaurant owner,
Made friends with two street dogs who accompanied us back till we saw a cat stoner.

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