Night Crawlers
Night Crawlers

Night Crawlers

So before dawn I had an early wake up call from my dreams & rest,
Kelly nudged me during morning prayer due to noises in our nest,
I got up to investigate only to discover all our belongings had been searched,
Upon a full inspection nothing is missing maybe they had been waiting perched?
The morning prayer is loud & they sing over a quarter of an hour,
Trespassing is bad but using the holy time to do it is extra sour,
Our host feels they wanted cash without the hassle of selling electronics,
From their entry point it looks like it’s children sent in to locate our wallets,
The rest of the day went strangely as we constantly had a thought,
What if they return for other items? Who is directing them? How are they taught?
We put these negatives to the back of our minds, no point telling the authorities,
In the souk we collected vegetables for dinner plus a few other priorities,
Staying in tonight so I cooked dinner while Kelly had a back rub,
Tomorrow is time for us to leave the blue city & onwards towards the next hub.

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