Mountain Walk With Friends
Mountain Walk With Friends

Mountain Walk With Friends

An early start was on the cards for us this morning,
Into the mountains with our host & friends we go walking,
Approaching the start of the trail we gain an extra guest for the stroll,
A local street dog randomly decided to join our party I don’t know why she wanted to enroll,
For a few hours we walked with our new friend following us all the way,
Reaching the end of our loop she settled back under a tree so we let sleeping dogs lay,
Back to base for a shower & clothes wash plus some writing,
Before heading to the Kasbah for something different & exciting,
Our friends Max & Ian we’re here just passing through,
So we invited them to dinner, the catch-up was long overdue,
It’s great to hear their plans & what they plan on doing,
We said our good-byes & wished them well in what they’re pursuing,
I stopped to take some pictures of the evening street,
When a local guide chatted with us about his life, a lovely treat,
We meandered back to our beds late & exhausted,
Tomorrow is a new day for our excitement to be hoisted.

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