Poisoning Poor Puppies 😢
Poisoning Poor Puppies 😢

Poisoning Poor Puppies 😢

Our last day overstaying in Chefchaouen started badly,
Waking to the news that our hosts dogs had been poisoned sadly,
One had passed away during the night,
The other was alive but struggling to keep up the fight,
How can some people be so disgusting to make a pet suffer?
We eventually left with this sad news & found the roads rougher,
South we travel with no idea what we should expect,
Through tiny villages & cities with different roads to interconnect,
The darkness encroached when we reached Mekness for the night,
A bustling place with much traffic, beautiful architecture & garbage, what a sight,
Our Riad had secure parking inside for the bikes,
So we left them to visit the centre for food & sights.


    1. Unfortunately very true. Travelling a lot does mean you meet so many lovely individuals just trying to find their own way in the world, but eventually you’re absolutely guaranteed to come across the worst of society who care for nothing but personal gain.

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