Where The Road Ends & Sand Begins.
Where The Road Ends & Sand Begins.

Where The Road Ends & Sand Begins.

Early start as my bowels kept calling,
Several visits required, my ass took a mauling,
Eventually the symptoms abated before we were ready for the road,
Not before breakfast from our Berber hosts & many snacks bestowed,
The journey was very short today as we put the shift in Friday,
But a quick stop in town to get cash & fuel ended up being tidy,
I pulled into the station & what was there but another Queenie from England,
Then just as we were saying our goodbyes another rode by also on its way to the sand,
Out of civilization we went with clouds in the sky,
Before the dunes appeared towering way up high,
The view was impressive although the backdrop almost didn’t look real,
The furthest dunes seemed painted on, reaching them might be an ordeal,
We rode through the town which sits at the end of the road,
With locals running Infront of us trying to convince us to stay at their abode,
Although we already decided where we wanted to stay,
On the edge of the town with nothing but dunes on display,
Again the Berber friendliness showed we were correct,
Here for a few days we hope to show utmost respect.

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