Desert Dunes = Poor Poem
Desert Dunes = Poor Poem

Desert Dunes = Poor Poem

Our first proper morning out on the Desert edge,
Breakfast from our host with birds watching from a ledge,
Today’s plan of action is to venture out into the dune,
It feels massive & remote, all being well we won’t find ourselves maroon,
Across we went before stopping on a glamping site,
Before driving to the nomads for tea & hearing their plight,
After paying our respects off to see a former French mine,
Sellers set up shop here, so we collected a camel just for this line to rhyme,
Before we knew it we’ve arrived in a town with musicians aplenty,
Our guide says we should consider a tip for them so we left a twenty,
After several hours out in the heat,
We returned to camp & sat in our seat,
The evening came so we cooked pasta with vegetables yummy,
Then some news from Chefchaouen, the other dog Rex is a recovering puppy.

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