Death Road To Casablanca
Death Road To Casablanca

Death Road To Casablanca

Our day started in a valley with nothing but fumes in the tanks,
Thirty miles over the mountain, made it & filled up with thanks,
Onwards out of the Atlas & into the planes we rode,
The straight roads here are nothing like the Twisties that flowed,
Boring flat nearly featureless farm land as far as the eye can see,
The most interesting part was forty five thousand on Queenie,
Then some dead animals started appearing on the roadside,
Sheep, cows & lots of bones with no real indication of how they died,
Feral dogs all over some of the carcasses getting their fill,
Seemed an awful waste but we have no idea why they were there until,
An accident on the road where a car had smashed into a poor donkey unfortunately,
We wished a quick death for the animal, nothing else to hope for given the debris,
As we came closer to the big city the rubbish became far more,
The people were still friendly but the mess was hard to ignore,
Into Casablanca the chaos of city traffic was everywhere to see,
Reaching our accommodation in one piece was a relief for me,
Now we’re relaxing in our apartment eating but in need of aspirin,
But to relax we watch some videos of another beautiful Africa Twin.

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