Beautiful & The Beastly
Beautiful & The Beastly

Beautiful & The Beastly

Leaving our apartment named Arcadia was rough,
Our first day of rain in a month of Morocco made it tough,
Casablanca is a busy place luckily we left during prayer so all was quiet,
Heading along the coast we soon needed food as we’re not on a diet,
Waited out the last bit of rain before continuing,
Hamburger & chips filled our bellies for the days motoring,
Next we hit the stunning city Rabat with everywhere perfect,
In stark contrast to most places which made it hard to connect,
It wasn’t long before the grime began to show in the way of a rubbish tip,
Such a beautiful city shows it can work but only if the rest doesn’t look like a skip,
Onwards we rode through villages into the night,
Potholes & limited vision is always a struggle but enough of that plight,
Arrival at the accommodation with cows all over the roads,
Our host is extremely friendly & we settled in quickly sleeping loads.

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