Water All The Way To The Sea
Water All The Way To The Sea

Water All The Way To The Sea

We went to leave the hostel but the rain was heavy,
All day it continued for sure it wouldn’t be dry at a levy,
Loading the bikes we set off to add another country to our trip,
Croatia came along but I was having issues with my grip,
My heated gloves kept turning themselves off & on,
Also my hand kept seizing up but thankfully only the one,
Through the foggy mountain passes we headed towards the coast,
Eventually the sea came into view but not before my satnav decided to ghost,
It seems the weather is starting to take its toll on us all,
Hopefully we can reach warmer climates before the end of fall,
Back to the action & we arrived in the coastal town of Senj without rain,
Found our accommodation before leaving for food down a steep lane,
Many beautiful sights were seen along the seafront on our walk,
But I’m sure you will see them if you come to see me after when I do a talk. 😂

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