Chilled out with a coffee all morning in our room,
A shower before heading out to our appointment into the gloom,
A few miles walk through the rain into town,
Quick stop for lunch while the rain hammered down,
Out of the cafe & across the road to our massage appointment,
Ninety minutes of rubbing with copious amounts of ointment,
Those who know me are aware my body is a wreck,
Everyday can be a major struggle so I need to keep it in check,
The worst part was when cramp in my leg caused me to straighten it quickly,
Sending the masseuse across the bed & into a wall swiftly,
I apologised & she was ok so after finishing we left still in the rain heading back,
Only stopping to buy groceries to cook our dinner before continuing with our swag,
Back in our room we took off our wet clothing with the heating on to dry out,
Then cooked a stew before putting our feet up while outside there is definitely no chance of drought.

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