Rain, Flooding, Traditional Clothing
Rain, Flooding, Traditional Clothing

Rain, Flooding, Traditional Clothing

The rain had continued all night & by the morning roads were flooded,
Town after town was awash with deep puddles on roads that are rutted,
Lakes overflowing with water drowning the trees,
Mountain passes with water gushing down through the forestries,
This made travelling slow as we continued our journey across another border,
Now we’re in Albania & the road conditions are just making it harder,
Later the arrival time slipped away from us as we battled the elements,
Until darkness hit on another mountain pass in fog, rain & wet underpants,
Down a narrow steep track our accommodation was somewhere nearby,
Luckily we stumbled on it as it was on a vertical track way up high,
Our host helped us to dry out our clothes & made us a local dinner,
After we chatted with Google translate, dressed up in traditional clothes for someone slimmer.

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