Time Spent Unproductively
Time Spent Unproductively

Time Spent Unproductively

How many hours do you spend looking for a place to stay,
I hope it’s nothing like my love who dissects every detail to weigh,
It’s quite painful to hear her read every detail on every choice,
When I look to book I usually pick one of the first I see then rejoice,
It’s rare a place is so bad I regret ever booking in the first place,
Even if one is so bad we’re rarely there for long enough to suffer the space,
But unfortunately Kelly is very worried if everything isn’t perfect for us,
Anyway today was supposed to be a day to sort out paperwork inside sunless,
Although we didn’t get anywhere near enough done we have to keep going,
Greece is next on the route but if we don’t get ferry admin done we might end up rowing.

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