Lost In Translation.
Lost In Translation.

Lost In Translation.

Chatting with a translator is awfully slow,
But once you get going it’s easy to keep with the flow,
Always answering the question before can be a stretch,
It’s a bit like the Two Ronnie’s mastermind sketch,
We needed to do admin before we headed off,
Unfortunately Kelly’s bike has developed a cough,
Cancelled our tyre order in Bulgaria due to snow making it dangerous,
So now we’re heading towards Athens but at least today is rainless,
Got stuck at the border into North Macedonia though,
Our insurance didn’t cover here & no booth to buy some either so,
Waiting for more than an hour for a company to run us some third party,
Although they pretty much had us over a barrel so we were treated harshly,
Cleaned out of all the money we had, we finally entered our next country,
The scenery was breathtaking although with the looking my neck was crunchy,
Due to our delay we had another nighttime ride to our venue,
But as we were greeted warmly we dropped off our stuff & looked for a menu,
Food all sorted we headed back for some rest,
Lots of quality shops here though not spending money may be a real test.

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