Turtle Beach Diving Center
Turtle Beach Diving Center

Turtle Beach Diving Center

Our first full day in Greece started with a strange woman staring,
Face like thunder obviously not happy as we packed our bikes with her lairing,
We left our unhappy viewer & within minutes I forgot all about her,
My first fellow Africa Twin Rider came round a corner in a golden blur,
With a smile on my face we rode on south till we saw a spectacular thing,
Clouds had formed to look like solid snow covered mountains worthy of writing,
We pulled over for Kelly to write some notes about what we had seen,
Then AT number two appeared before parking up to say hi & meet my Queen,
Kostas is a diving instructor & has only just bought his dream machine,
We joined him for coffee chatting bikes & about all our lives & things marine,
Heading onwards the damage from flooding was becoming evident,
The roads were clear but the country suffered as I’m sure also lives of any resident,
Arrival in our stop for the night was interesting to say the least,
The town of Lamia has steep hills & our place was high on a piste,
Without sympathy for the clutches we made it to the very top & our apartment,
Before heading back down on foot for food & arcade fun on motorcycles flamboyant.

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