Andreas Psychogyios Manx Racer
Andreas Psychogyios Manx Racer

Andreas Psychogyios Manx Racer

Up and down the steep slope to pack the bike,
I need the exercise & preparation for the hike,
A few months from now we hope to be in Nepal up high,
So if I get a chance to do more exercise I try,
Off towards these mountains small in comparison we head today,
Off to Athens to get some servicing new tyres plus some sightseeing hooray,
We made reasonable time through passes & around wind turbines,
Roads dotted with villages, potholes & canines,
Asylum camps we saw as we got nearer the capital,
Who knows if their lives are better here or the area is habitable,
Athens from above is an impressive sight,
Down to our beds we offload & head out before the night,
Our search for tyres bought us to Andreass’ shop,
A racer who has been to the Manx riding for years at the top,
We chatted about all our exploits & past experience,
Then arranged to return for our tyres at our convenience,
After that was done enveloping darkness had swept across the city,
But with directions to a restaurant we set off towards glittering lights very pretty,
Fantastic food at Endy’s with traditional grilled food in abundance,
Before heading back to our apartment with single beds for sleep without disturbance.

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