Africa Twin Club Hellas
Africa Twin Club Hellas

Africa Twin Club Hellas

The alarm woke us up long before dawn,
A long day ahead but still dark outside yawn,
Quietly get ready in the apartment not to disturb our hosts,
On the bikes early for a long ride in the mountains & along the coast,
Invited out for the day with a local motorcycle club,
Africa Twin Club Hellas took us for a ride then out for some grub,
Started on the toll to get out into the countryside,
Before into the twisties with thirty others alongside,
A quick coffee before our first stop at a monastery,
Then to the beautiful lake Doxa buying cheese as it’s customary,
After this we set off for the restaurant the day had passed in a blink,
Food was lovely but the service was terrible waiting an hour just for my drink,
Eventually it was all finished for the day with the club & we headed back,
It was late so riding home in the dark was slow but after a great day it wasn’t a drag.

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