Love For Queenie & Acropolis
Love For Queenie & Acropolis

Love For Queenie & Acropolis

Another super early morning but this time not entirely for pleasure,
Time for Queenie’s service & if we have time maybe a little leisure,
The rush hour Monday ride into Athens centre isn’t for the faint hearted,
But after plenty of filtering & weaving through traffic I dropped her off & work started,
Kelly & I walked into town for some breakfast before deciding how to pass the time,
We headed up the hill to see the Acropolis & maybe others also made from lime,
Not long into our tourist time the mechanic called,
The bike wasn’t finished & issues had sprawled,
Several problems had developed all over that needed fixing,
If I was back in England I’d expect my bank account getting a good fisting,
Luckily Greece is the spiritual home of the Africa Twin & all parts were found quickly,
So before heading back to her we enjoyed the rest of Athens sights so very prettily,
Paying for the work is always a painful process,
But considering what was done it wasn’t an excess.

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