Medical Misery & Persistent Prostitute
Medical Misery & Persistent Prostitute

Medical Misery & Persistent Prostitute

Our internal clocks are slowly coming into Indian time,
But still another afternoon before heading out although it’s all fine,
We tried to get our insurance sorted for the bikes but they were shut,
One problem solved though I bought a new wallet for rupees to put,
We managed to get a late breakfast & plan the remainder of the day,
A private doctor will surely enable us to get ahold of the medicine especially if we pay,
So we left a little lighter in the new wallet with a written prescription,
Although pharmacies eight & nine still had nothing to offer I feel we need a magician,
It’s very difficult to hear that it’s not available in our location,
Especially since we know the drug is actually made in India oh the frustration,
Heading back defeated we had a random encounter with a local,
Kamlesh informed us about a religious holiday offered some social,
Tonight we were too tired but hopefully we get to meet him again,
He advised that we don’t travel until the holiday is finished,
We bid him goodnight before the lady of the night approached undernourished,
She seems to have finally realised I’m not available at any price,
So Kelly & I headed back for more paperwork, bed & maybe a little spiceā€¦

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