History, Heat, Head & Hookers
History, Heat, Head & Hookers

History, Heat, Head & Hookers

The morning passed & we were still sleeping,
Our body clocks are still wrong we need to correct their timekeeping,
Out to get some food before doing something touristy,
Off to the Gateway Of India & learn a little of the history,
A beautiful landmark with thousands of visitors at the site,
Although many wanted MY picture being tall & in all white,
Easily fifty people approached requesting a shot,
Me being so modest I agreed to pose for the lot,
Heading away from the landmark I smashed my head on a sign,
I dcuekd butt knot enoufh nd samcekd itno ti butt lckuliy y’m fyne,
Followed by beggars with small children trying to scam tourists,
Pharmacy number three explained what they do & suddenly their stories untwist,
Still looking for malaria prevention unfortunately they couldn’t help,
Neither could pharmacy number four, five, six or seven, yelp,
Hungry & defeated we grabbed some food at our favourite restaurant,
The Mockingbird cafe in Mumbai has great service & the food is excellent,
We decided to try the hospital as we thought they must have what we need,
On the way I was once again accosted by the oldest profession but I fleed,
The hospital was a waste of time & they would only help if we were dying,
So heading back we felt defeated & too tired today to keep trying.

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