Happy New Year
Happy New Year

Happy New Year

New Years Eve is upon us once again,
This year has definitely not been the same,
No resolution as we are currently living the dream,
Each day writing about what happened in this conscious stream,
Today was no different as we went to head out,
Our host has a fleet of bikes so we took one without any doubt,
Oh how I miss riding my beautiful Queenie around the world,
So out we went two up on a Royal Enfield Classic into the deepend hurled,
But if we thought the roads were busy we were about to be surprised,
They were absolutely nothing compared to the chaos when we arrived,
The palace was said to be one of the best sights to see,
But after arriving & walking around I don’t feel it’s worth the fee,
Yes it’s pretty & in a lovely location with hillsides all over,
But the sheer amount of people made me glad to be back on the motor,
Heading back we took a mountain pass by another busy sight,
Then into town down a very steep slippery narrow track that gave me a fright,
The brakes struggled to slow us on the bike we had,
Made it back safely although not having Queenie makes me sad,
Shower & change to head out for the end of year party,
We welcomed the new year on the roof dancing with fireworks & food hearty.

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