Choo Choo To Agra
Choo Choo To Agra

Choo Choo To Agra

No rush to leave the hotel as all were up late partying,
So we lazily packed up and had our breakfast before finally departing,
Off to the train station to head to our next destination,
Waiting rooms on the platforms all have segregation,
A small delay for the train was to be expected,
But the amount of people getting on made us slightly dejected,
We had two choices with our tickets crammed in like sardines,
Or next to a toilet for the four hour journey hoping nobody had beans,
We reluctantly went with the toilet as the lesser of two evils,
For the most part we were left alone while trying to avoid catching measles,
Arrival in Agra we applied for tickets back to Mumbai,
Heading to our hotel without joy as our applications could go awry.

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