The Taj Mahal, The Long Wait, The Pickpocketer
The Taj Mahal, The Long Wait, The Pickpocketer

The Taj Mahal, The Long Wait, The Pickpocketer

Before dawn we awoke it was going to be a long day today,
Taj Mahal visit without many tourists is a sight difficult to convey,
It’s beauty is one to behold & it’s scale was impressive,
Just a shame our morning was foggy & the entrance fee was expensive,
All done before eight in the morning we left this magical tomb,
Not before they bring you to a room selling things & tea to consume,
Collecting our things we left the hotel still early but much to do,
First to the agent for our tickets but still early he was still in a queue,
We waited in a cafe for breakfast with our rickshaw driver happily waiting also,
I took him a hot tea which he was thankful for as he sat in his auto,
Personally I would’ve happily had him sit with us inside,
But it seems that is just how it’s done out here & he was happy to abide,
Back to the agent & our tickets were finally there,
Only problem was we had to share the bed but we didn’t really care,
Our ever patient driver took us to the station,
We gave a decent tip & he left delighted with the situation,
Not much to say while we waited apart from the train was very late,
Six hours late meant our wait was tiring,
Just before midnight it arrived & it wasn’t very inspiring,
As we boarded a small man squeezed up beside me inside the train,
He pickpocketed my phone but I caught him & threw him off while keeping my restrain,
A few other passengers said I should’ve hit him hard,
But that’s not my style I was tired & I’m sure one day he would be dealt with by a guard.

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