India’s Roads Aren’t Too Bad Are They?
India’s Roads Aren’t Too Bad Are They?

India’s Roads Aren’t Too Bad Are They?

Our first full day riding in India started very badly,
Loaded Queenie up & turned the key but nothing happened sadly,
Stripped her down twice to discover wires have been messed about,
Hanging by a thread about to drop out but had to have been pulled out,
No time to think more about it as we’re already hot & bothered,
Time to do what most fear & hit the roads of India & we feel honoured,
Slow & steady we hit the streets of Mumbai during the day,
Busy until we crossed the river ferry then finally we were properly away,
Out of the city we made progress north although roads were rough,
Some under construction some narrow & some just plainly tough,
Had some issues finding our room for the night due to bad phone reception,
But discovering a huge brand new complex in the middle of nowhere a strange conception,
Rooms pool spa & games room all complete,
But we were the first guests to stay in this paradise retreat,
Staff were so helpful & friendly it was just a shame the building had problems,
But we managed & had an enjoyable stay away from the internet algorithms.

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