One10, 1Ten, OneTen, 110
One10, 1Ten, OneTen, 110

One10, 1Ten, OneTen, 110

Left the retreat complex late after many photos & smiles,
Doubled back to hit the main road & start to rack up some miles,
Took a diversion around a toll gate over some rutted roads,
Only to realise two wheelers don’t pay so there was no need with our heavy loads,
Stopped for a cheap lunch on the edge of a small town with locals interested,
Wondering what we are doing & how much money into the trip we invested,
After we said our goodbyes the hunt for somewhere to stay began,
The hotel OneTen took one look at us & refused to have us stay at their establishment,
The second showed us room OneTen before saying we cant have it by the rude management,
Kelly wasn’t comfortable so we left to find another more suitable location to rest,
Third time lucky we were greeted warmly & given a room without any of the stress,
Aided by staff we went to our room & we’re shown our large beds
A nice hotel at a good price in again room OneTen we ended up resting our heads.

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