Hello To You, Mount Abu
Hello To You, Mount Abu

Hello To You, Mount Abu

Loaded up ready for our ride to our first proper destination,
Mount Abu was just a few hours away & a popular staycation,
Had a quick breakfast before hitting the highway,
But then a problem stopped us moving right away,
Jumped on the bikes turned the key but my battery was dead,
Just six months old & bought especially for the trip this filled me with dread,
Luckily I had a backup in the form of a battery booster pack,
Offloaded all the bags to reach the cable just what I need for my back,
Plugged it in starting Queenie easily & we hit the road with wires running through my head,
Trying to workout what the issue could be we rode along to our destination as previously said,
Roads were busier & a truck filled with 70 people on the back caught my eye,
But other than the normal cows on the road it was an average day under the blue sky,
Plains changed to hills & soon we started up the twisty pass on the mountain,
Here our bikes easily shone passing all the underpowered locals we stopped counting,
Arrival in Abu we checked in with our friendly hosts,
Then quickly got changed to get food & check out what the town boasts,
Saturday night was party time with street music & fires,
We saw the sunset at a beauty spot watching the last daylight as it expires.

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