Camels From The Kasbah
Camels From The Kasbah

Camels From The Kasbah

A lazy day we decided was best,
The desert heat is a lot to test,
So we spent several hours on our websites writing & updating,
Before finally heading out for a walk due to hate of sedating,
A short stroll to town to explore & eat,
Then back to camp just in time for a seat,
While the tagine was still settling our ride had arrived & waited,
A group of camels ready to take us although mine will be weighted,
Off we rode into the desert just in time for sunset,
Into the dunes we weaved heading for a large one as a quartet,
A difficult march directly up the dune left me panting,
Luckily before the sun went down the symptoms were abating,
Sunset with my princess on the peak was very lovely,
If we could spend more days like this we would do so gladly.

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