Silicone Hell To The Mountains
Silicone Hell To The Mountains

Silicone Hell To The Mountains

Leaving Merzouga in the blistering heat,
Heading into the mountains is no mean feat,
The temperature difference during the day wasn’t too large,
But riding with the sun in full gear makes our energy discharge,
Nothing too difficult with the roads, long, wide & straight,
But we found silicone hell & the monitor graveyard in such a state,
For tens of miles old CRT’s littered the side of the highway,
Why this was considered a suitable place for them causes me dismay,
Onwards for many miles before the desert turned to green,
Oasis turned upwards & so did we then a beautiful sight to be seen,
Vertical cliffs of dark orange with water,
Twisty narrow roads with the river as the footer,
Our accommodation was down a steep gravel track,
Across the river into old town on foot but at least I can get a snack.

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