Battle Of The Many Gorges
Battle Of The Many Gorges

Battle Of The Many Gorges

Another night in a guesthouse meant we left with breakfast in our belly,
We already had a looping route planned so staying another night with Kelly,
Today’s route took us across the high atlas twice,
Up through one gorge & back down through paradise,
Riding the first was simple enough, decent roads for the most part,
Though with a high point near three thousand metres oh Queenie’s heart,
The difference in air density can cause issues with carb bikes,
So keep the revs up & keep moving or stalling & difficulty strikes,
Then the turn & return down the next gorge started,
With brand new tarmac wide & long we took off to the uncharted,
But then several miles in the tarmac just ended on top of a hill,
As far as we could see it was just a narrow gravel track & the drop gave a chill,
Obviously the road is being built as we speak,
So we will be one the last to complete this peak,
So for thirty plus miles we rode the small track,
Above a massive drop with time to have a heart attack,
To be honest with a fall that large you could call your insurance,
But luckily no issues for us as we carefully continued without elegance,
Some beautiful views though the valleys filled our eyes,
As we made our way through Gorge Dad├ęs & the cliffs reached the skies,
Eventually we reached smooth tarmac & finished the day with a boring ride back to our dwelling,
To get a shower, food & make love but only after having to deal with many children begging.

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