Electric, Sand & A Dangling Hand
Electric, Sand & A Dangling Hand

Electric, Sand & A Dangling Hand

Morning came with some heavy wind blowing,
Through the open window it made curtains flowing,
During the night we discovered an issue with the sheet,
Movement caused an electrical shock when circuits complete,
After a good breakfast I was ready to head out,
Unfortunately Kelly was super tired so leaving was in doubt,
We decided to stay an extra day to allow her some rest,
I spent the morning transfering pictures my patience it did test,
A few hours later I needed to stretch my legs,
So off for a walk & lunch to clear my mind of jpegs,
Heading back to the guesthouse the wind picked up again,
Sand blasted into my eyes making me want to profane,
Back at the house I relaxed with my love while she wrote,
Chatting with other guests, our websites & writings we did promote,
The most upsetting part of the day happened near the end,
We spotted a local black cat with its paw on a thread it suspend,
Kelly wanted to find some help or offer some assistance,
But the locals said she’d been like it for months & was very persistent.
Again it shows the differences with our ways of life,
Some ways they are better, but in others they struggle with strife.

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