Begging, Starving, Underwater, Desert
Begging, Starving, Underwater, Desert

Begging, Starving, Underwater, Desert

Leaving Todgha was tiring & upsetting,
Several runs through town with bags & sweating,
A while longer it takes to fully pack the bikes,
Only to have children begging for money the little tykes,
Eventually ready to leave & we spotted a starving dog,
Recently given birth but suffering, her ribs gave us a shock,
We left her some biscuits which is all we had,
She ate them quickly, but leaving we still felt bad,
Nothing much of interest happened on the ride across the desert,
Some nice views & Kelly nearly caught speeding due to police being covert,
Arriving in Ait Benhaddou early we were able to relax for the afternoon,
That is until we hear news that back home the rain has turned it into a lagoon,
Dinner & early to bed for plenty of rest is what we definitely require,
As tomorrow we hope to be horse riding through Ait Benhaddou to admire.

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