Raining Donkeys & Mega Trucks
Raining Donkeys & Mega Trucks

Raining Donkeys & Mega Trucks

Morning came with a little drizzle settled on the bike cover,
The sun was now shining but couldn’t leave due to waiting for my lover,
She wanted to book somewhere to stay before we go,
Eventually she agreed to find somewhere when arriving & go with the flow,
The ride started fine but for some holes, ruts & muddy plop,
The only view interesting was some donkeys using an old bus stop,
Near our destination the roads were tight & twisty,
But a local truck raced along way too fast & risky,
Amazingly it managed fine & we left it at a junction,
Arrival in the town gave Google maps a function,
Find a suitable place to stay till our ferry on Monday,
Up & down the town we went but after too long we put it away,
We stopped at a carpark but it had accommodation at the back,
Turned out it was cheap, simple & just what we needed in fact,
So here we are for a few days till we head onto the next location,
It’s been lovely in Morocco & we now have a few days of relaxation.

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