Soaked Through To The Core
Soaked Through To The Core

Soaked Through To The Core

We had a very cold night with only thin sheets,
Woke early due to heavy rain hitting the streets,
Leaving Zadar there was a little rain in the air,
Reports said this would pass so my proofs I didn’t wear,
Well how wrong they were with that prediction,
So we spent the whole day with soggy bottom affliction,
After glorious sunshine and perfect temperatures yesterday,
Today couldn’t have been more different riding through constant spray,
Close to freezing & completely sodden we rode,
Through the border to our next country was the only point we slowed,
Bosnia & Herzegovina I’m sure is a beautiful place,
Although all I could see was rain, fog and mist in my face,
Hopefully we will discover what this lovely place has to offer travellers,
But for now what will do is a warm apartment, hot food & no campers.

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