NO, You Can’t Keep My Passport!
NO, You Can’t Keep My Passport!

NO, You Can’t Keep My Passport!

Woke to find Kelly had a bad night due to her diabetes struggles,
Breakfast all done before heading into the highways & their troubles,
Turned into an easy day riding the main roads actually,
Except for people filming us from their cars but we got use to that gradually,
I suppose we stand out on the roads with our big bikes loaded up with gear,
But the two people on a scooter with a baby cow between them is normal that’s clear,
Stopped for lunch on the roadside & the people were all lovely everywhere,
The usual of requests for photos & one gent bought us water which caught me unaware,
Found a hotel with lots of reviews at a good price so we headed that way,
But upon arrival they demanded more before trying to keep our passports at bay,
No chance I was having that sort of hospitality so we left with our paperwork,
Twenty miles to find the next but friendly & headed out to a food place with a quirk.

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